Social Phobia Inventory Scale

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the Social Phobia Inventory Scale

Connor KM, et al. Psychometric properties of the Social Phobia Inventory. Br J Psych 2000; 176: 379-386.

The Impact of events scale – Revised

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The Impact of Events Scale – Revised


The Impact of events scale – Revised Weiss,D.S. & Marmar,C.R. The impact of event scale-revised.  in Wilson,J.P. & Kean,T.M. (eds.) Assessing psychcological trauma and PTSD: a practitioner’s handbook (ch 15).  N.Y: Guildford,

Health Anxiety Model

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a Cognitive Behavioural Model

of Health Anxiety




Guest Post: Book Review: Self Help Books

Self Help Books That I found Helpful.
written by: Phyllis

At a time like this 9 years ago I felt that my world had come down crushing and my hope in life had totally failed after indulding sexually with a man who only pretended to love me which was never the case. Realising that I was pregnant made things worse for me as I had to drop out of college because of the shame of meeting and being scorned by my fellow collegues and lecturers. My life had come to a standstill. I was shaken to the core, depressed and worried of what my family would do if they found out what had happened and that somebody was growing in my womb. That day came when I could no longer could hide my protruding stomach and face my family not knowing of the dire consequences. It wasn’t easy growing in a staunch Christian home and ending up like that. Depression took toil. As my son turned one year old, a friend gave me 2 books that totally changed my life.

1. Women And Self Esteem by Daisy Osborn

This book changed my thinking, perceptions towards life and giving it a new meaning. From the first page i read, I thought that the writer was briefing about my life and what I was going through. Being a religious book, each topic came with new defination of how to start my life again, letting go off the past and self forgiving. It was the perfect remedy to come out of depression and be able to smile again. Women And Self Esteem teaches about a womans self worth that is, A Winning Woman From Shame To A Great Name. Other encouraging topics are Having Total Freedom, Living Is Choosing, Leading By Serving and Life With Purpose. The last 3 chapters give intense explanation of the woman in a religious view that is Partnership With God, If I Were A Woman and Created For Honour. This book opened the door for the many successes that were about to come.

2. Forgotten Factors by Roy Hession.

This is another Christian book that enebled me get back on track onto the raod to healing. Forgotten Factors talks about repentance of sexual sins and the matters people miss while trying to get things right. The book has defined the lies, myths and truths of sexual gratification especially outside marriage, the forgoten factor in adultery, fornication and multiplied duplicities. During times of depression, I learnt the first step to healing is by understanding the mistake and self forgiving. The next step was to forgive my offender.

This 2 books helped me in rediscovering myself, selfworth, having an understanding heart and mind and how to handle issues when they arise. This books can also help overcome anxiety and answer hard questions you might encounter in life. They are tools, security and guidelines to everyday living, knowing your purpose in life and passing on encouragement and hope to a depressed friend who might also suffer from anxiety.

Reading and acting to what is written was the secret to healing. They made me realise that I’m a distinguished and vital member to God and the society.

ABC-E Model

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The ABC-E model is a bio-psycho-social model. Useful for explaining and formulating general maintenance cycles.